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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wednesday Playgroup


Wednesday, April 4 - 10am - Spring in the park. I love getting the kids outside in all weather and to start off the month we will meet in the Port Williams park for outdoor play, running, biking, road hockey, kite flying, boat floating and just general muddy fun. Rain or shine. All ages welcome, please B.Y.O.Kite (or whatever outdoor activity suits you best).

Wednesday, April 11 - 10am - Live Concert! The much anticipated, Niamah and Andy Webster are over their laryngitis and are ready to sing with us at Ocean Spirit Studio. http://www.oceanspiritstudio.com/ This is also the date for our Spring Swap. This is where we all bring our old toys, clothes and other items to share with each other. Bring whatever you want, take whatever you can use and whatever is left over is donated to Chrysalis House's outreach program.

Wednesday, April 18 - 10am - Fish hatchery tour. We meet at 2550 Fish Hatchery Road in Coldbrook. Programs delivered at the Coldbrook facility include research on the “endangered" Atlantic White fish, live gene banking in support of Nova Scotia Salmon stocks either “endangered" or at risk of expiration because of unusually low marine survival and/or acid precipitation in fresh water. Scientific and Technical staff of the Fish Division are responsible for research, assessment and free passage of fish stocks inhibiting New Brunswick and Nova Scotia rivers flowing to the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia Rivers flowing directly into the Atlanic Ocean.

Wednesday, April 25 - 10am - Gaspereau Valley Fibres field trip! Located at 830 Gaspereau River Road, we will visit their location, see how the sheep are sheared, dyeing and raw wool. Then we will participate in an activity/craft with them. There will be a small fee for the supplies.http://www.gaspereauvalleyfibres.ca/

Wednesday, May 2 - 10am - Taproot Farm - Digging in the dirt! We will get our hands dirty; planting, composting and seeing how things grow! http://www.taprootfarms.ca They are located at 1736 Church Street in Port Williams. Meet at the farm. Please dress appropriately.

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