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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NSHEA AGM Family Day

We are planning for the Family day/AGM for NSHEA to be at Ross Creek May 14th. We are planning something like this: morning - some sort of walk on the grounds or an outdoor activity - for the whole family noon- bring your own picnic lunch and eat while we have the "AGM" afternoon - sharing of ideas for curriculum or teaching - round robin style, people can take 5 minutes or so to stand up and tell a little about how they homeschool, or show and tell something that they like - we are asking people just share one item - not their whole book shelf. Hopefully this will offset for some the fact that there will be no curriculum sales At this time, after lunch Ross Creek will have an activity for the children if they wish to attend, though they will also be asking that some parents attend this to help with ratio. Stay tuned for more details. If anyone would like to help in some way, please let me know. - we were hoping for an edible plant walk in the morning but I have not heard back and it would be nice to have a volunteer from the area to do something; doesn't have to be edible plants -can be what ever is deemed appropriate. Any ideas? If you don't have a volunteer but know someone that would do it for a nominal fee, let me know. Thank you again - Sara (sara.moginot@nshea.ca)

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