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Monday, April 18, 2011

Track and Field Day - May 25, 2011

It is almost time for the annual Track and Field day! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 25, from 9:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. The rain date is June 1. We have booked Rotary Raceway Park, Middleton, again this year for the meet. We are very excited and are hoping to have many participants, good competition and great fellowship.

Children age 5-7: Long jump, ball throw, 50m run, 200m run
Children age 8+: Long jump, ball throw, 100m run, 400m run

All ages – including parents: One mile run

Lunch: Some tables will be set up in the shade of the pavilion, but you may wish to bring your own lawn chairs and picnic blanket, a packed lunch, sun protection items (hat, sunscreen) and plenty of water.

fter-lunch team sports: Options include baseball, soccer, beach volleyball, and organized group games for the younger students. Parents are encouraged to play, too!

Volunteer Signup: For an event like this, we need all parents to volunteer in some way. If you have interest or skill in a particular sport or track/field event, we need you! We need one parent to specialize in each event to coach the students and manage the event. A meeting will be held beforehand at the park so that all event/sport specialists will be familiar with the venue and can assist in the final planning. If you would rather be a team leader, each group of kids will need 2 parents to lead them through the events to record their achievements, to inspire them ... and just to have fun with them. When you register your family, please indicate which event or sport you (and your spouse, if they will be attending) would like to sign up for. If you’d like to be a team leader, please indicate which age group you prefer. We thank you in advance for your willingness to help.

Used book and curriculum sale: It is back again this year from 10:00 till 1 p.m. Directions for selling books and curriculum will follow with your registration confirmation. Debbie Carther will be heading the book table, and comments and questions can be directed to her at: kdaj@eastlink.ca

Preschooler note: There will be no organized games/toys and no official childcare area for preschoolers this year as it was not well used last year. We found most parents kept their young ones with them. The playground will be available, and we encourage families to trade childcare so parents can participate in events or volunteer.

Pre-registration: Begins now! To assist the planning and to ensure a successful day for all, please pre-register by May 2, as we need to order award ribbons as well as organize the teams for each event and prepare the forms accordingly. The fee is $2.50 per child age 5 and older, with a maximum amount of $10 per family. Please send an email including these registration details: name and age of each student, parental volunteer preferences to angelika.trrs1@gmail.com Please remit payment by cheque to Angelika Torres, 224 Brennans Road, Prospect Bay, NS B3T 2A3.

See you soon,

The organizing committee

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