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Monday, May 4, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler #1

Recently a great idea was brought to my attention about doing some blog articles about days in the lives of homeschoolers to give more identity and attention to what we all go through and possibly advice, ideas, and inspiration.  We've all been there in lots of places and when we realize how we connect on so many levels (including off days!) we can draw closer off our experiences and be able to realize that we're exactly where we're meant to be!

Today is the first day ever of our new article and it was written by a local homeschooling girl named Karli.

31 Reasons why homeschooling is awesome. By: Karli age 10
(Karli was in public school until grade 5 and has been homeschooled for 6 months now)

1. No bullies
2. You're not stuck at a desk all day
3. You can do school in comfy PJ's
4. LOTS of field trips
5. More time with parents
6. Not as noisy as classrooms
7. Less distractions
8. You can do work in the yard
9. No packing lunches unless we go on a trip
10. I can sleep in sometimes and don't have to rush to get ready
11. no strict schedule
12. I can learn about things I really want to learn about
13. Baking cookies counts as math & Science
14. I can do fun things like dance and choir now
15. No mean teachers
16. I can still have playdates with friends that go to public school
17. I can play with lots of friends who are homeschooled too
18. No long bus rides
19. I can use the washroom when I need to, without asking
20. I can take breaks if I am frustrated
21. I can eat a snack while I work if i am hungry
22. LOTS more time outside
23. No peer pressure
24. No bad language or negative self talk
25. Less stress
26. No lockdowns
27. I can work ahead on things I am good at and take the time with things that ae hard
28. I don't have to wait a long time for help from the teacher
29. I never get sick anymore
30. Teacher doesn't pick favorites
31. I can be a kid more

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