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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wreath Making

WHEN: Friday, November 29, 2013 @ 9:30 AM - 11:30 PM
WHERE: Woodville Community Center, 342 Bligh Rd., Woodville, NS

We will be decorating real balsam fir wreaths. Your wreath can be used as an advent wreath (suggested size 12"), or a wreath for your door or doors (suggested 16" wreath).
These wreaths in our winter climate can last outside until the end of February and are a beautiful traditional decoration for the season.
I have been decorating wreaths commercially for the last 4 years and will be looking forward to helping you create your family wreath. You can decorate your wreath for free by using natural toppings found in your garden, backyard, roadside, on the beach or in your neighbor's field.
It is best to start your scavenger hunt now to scout out some good clippings for your project. This could be apart of your homeschool science in searching for weeds, trees and flowers by name. You will need a good pair of clippers to get your clippings, some gloves to protect your fingers from thorns and a place to keep these items cool and dry until our project day. (Pick lots for sharing.)
Here is a list of some items to look for although do not limit to this list as you may find other natural toppings suited for the project or you can also buy some artificial items to decorate as well.I will be pre-ordering fresh double sided wreaths locally made 2 days before at my wholesale price for our projects. I will need to know how many wreaths by Nov 1 along with a email money transfer payment.

The cost for a 12" wreath (18"-20" outside dia) is $9.50 tax included.
The cost of the 16" wreath (25"-27" outside dia) is $12.50 tax included

Pine cones
Pine (various kinds)
Dried flowers
Oregano flowers
Hydrangea (can be picked with or without color, should be dried)
heather (find in the Minas Basin on the beach) in bloom, now hang to dry
Rose hips (various sizes and colors)
Bayberry (roadside or fields, leaves or leaves and berries)
Cedar or golden cedar (best picked the week or decorating, keep cool)
Holly (male or female) (pick the week of decorating, keep cool)
Quince (pick soon, very fragrant)
Dried lemon or orange slices
Juniper (with or without berries)
Dogwood branches
Baby's breath (best fresh or properly dried)
Blue spruce
Dried roses
Cinnamon sticks

I have lots of designer ribbon you can choose from at our event at $2 for a bow sized length.
You will also need green craft wire for wrapping.

Please contact Rhonnie VanHattem via facebook through the Annapolis Valley Homeschoolers or Central Valley Homeschoolers Facebook pages.

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