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Friday, December 2, 2011

YNC-Composting with 'Red Wigglers'


If you've ever had a computer perish, you know the frustration I've been suffering this week. Unfortunately, I lost all of my Young Naturalist Club folders and I no longer have a list of who has registered for this Saturday's Red Wiggler presentation. Please consider this my apology and hope that you can make it this weekend for a FREE wiggly and fun filled presentation. If you have already registered, please don't feel the need to again and if you are still interested in attending, the information is included below. Please just show up with your family and friends and enjoy learning about the nature around us!

Thank you,
Alisa Nguyen

 Young Naturalist's Motto: Young Naturalist's Observe and Conserve

Saturday, December 3rd @ 10:30am
KC Irving Centre at Acadia University
Composting With Red Wigglers

Worm composting is a very effective way to compost fresh food waste while producing a valuable soil amendment. Come out and see how hundreds of red wigglers munch through kilograms of fresh food waste every week. Lean how to identify worm eggs, what to feed them and how make your own worm box to produce your own worm compost.

Paul Arnold from the Ivan Curry School of Engineering at Acadia is a Professional Engineer and consultant in waste management. His predominant interests are in compost systems and developing tests that measures compost quality.

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