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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mom's Fellowship Evening!

Attention all homeschool moms in the Annapolis Valley. We had a great moms meeting in October with lots of laughter, and some sobering moments that encouraged us to recheck our motivation. You ladies are awesome! Mark your calendars now for November ...

Who: All homeschooling moms. Invite your friends even if they are not a part of Greenwood Area Homeschoolers. This will be a good one for friends who are debating whether or not to begin homeschooling, or who have put their kids in school because they felt overwhelmed and not confident in their choices.

When: 22nd of Nov. 2011, at 7 p.m.

Where: Raquel VanderPloeg's home at 48 Morningside Drive North Alton

Directions: Please Call for Directions 678-5271

Theme of the night: It is so hard to narrow our night to just one theme, but since we always seem to end up chatting about this anyways, please think of your favourite curriculum, aids, supplemental materials, manipulatives of all time. We'll group them by stage, so feel free to bring one for each of these levels: Preschool/ECE, Primary/Kindergarten and grade 1, grades 2-5, junior high, high school.

What to bring: Your school dayplanner; any of those favourites you have to display.

Contact: Jan Blackwell at 242-2949 or janblackwell2@hotmail.com if you have questions. Contact Raquel VanderPloeg at 678-5271 if you get lost!!!

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